Simple business-class networking without sacrifice

Prepare your company for the future with Aruba

Did you know that there are predicted to be 20 billion IoT devices by 2020? And with your network and IT department already strained, how you prepare your network for this impact will be key to maintaining your competitive edge
Learn how Aruba can help prepare you with a network that offers:
  • Amazing experiences
  • Business-class performance
  • Hassle-free set up and configuration.

Using the network as a foundation for business growth

Keeping Technology Running’ isn’t good enough anymore. A majority of midsized businesses are now leveraging technology and data to drive business growth. See how Aruba can help you prepare for the future with a network that’s simple to deploy but doesn’t sacrifice business-class performance, security, and reliability.

Step-by-step guide

How to build a mobile-first workforce

Ride the wave with a simple network that doesn't sacrifice business-class performance, security and reliability

Achieve Operational Efficiencies to Reduce Costs

With simplified infrastructure & cloud services purpose-built for midsize business networks

Attract New Customers to Increase Revenues

With amazing digital experiences for your customers, users and partners

Competitive Advantage to Lead the Competition

With secure and personalized customer interactions that reach them where they are

Build a Powerful, Secure Network That Grows With Your Business
Aruba networking delivers:

Blazing fast, secure connection
Application visibility and control
Easy-to-use management
Simple and secure Wi-Fi with Aruba
With Aruba networking you will have features such as:

Stable and fast Wi-Fi
Integration of Aruba Instant with ClearPass
Lifetime warranty support and firmware updates

Build a faster, more reliable network
With Aruba networking solutions create a cost-effective Wi-Fi network that is:

Easier to manage
Faster and more reliable
Accessible anywhere, indoors and outdoors

Accelerate business growth with Aruba
Aruba instant and Aruba Central combine to provide a scalable, Cloud Managed solution that delivers:

Simplified Networking that 'just works'
Business-Class performance
Reliable, secure connectivity

Experience the Aruba Advantage

Whether your business requires traditional on premise or cloud-based management supporting the latest innovations in network infrastructure, security, Acentrix can help you deliver the extraordinary experiences that your users crave.

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