Create Exceptional Experiences That Bridge the Physical and Digital Worlds

Today, mobility, IoT and cloud are changing the way we interact. This new, connected reality makes our lives richer and creates exceptional moments every day. These moments are the extraordinary experiences our customers are looking for – and that Aruba is uniquely positioned to deliver.

At Aruba, we’re building the technologies that allow people and things to work in harmony. Our small and midsize businesses as well as enterprises network solutions move beyond wired and wireless connections to create amazing experiences that bridge our physical and digital worlds.

Your Network is the Foundation of Business Growth
Mobile devices, cloud-hosted apps, and providing exceptional user experiences are must-haves for midsize businesses today. Seize the opportunity with a simple network that doesn’t sacrifice business-class performance, security, and reliability.
Get Simple Business-Class Networking Without Sacrifice
How Secure Is Your Company's Network?
From IoT to an always-on mobile workforce, organizations are more exposed to attacks than ever before. Today’s enterprises need to go beyond visibility, control and response. The need of the hour is to have real-time policies for how users and devices connect and what they can access.
Get Secure with Aruba Clearpass
It’s Time to Redefine Your Branch
With an increasing number of mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) devices reliant on wireless access, your enterprise needs to accommodate a diverse mixture of device types, applications and services. Network performance is now a business-critical requirement.
Experience the Future of Networking
Improve Your Branch Operations by up to 68% Over the Next 3 Years
Managing and securing a branch office is getting more complicated with cloud adoption and increased automation. With IT departments severely understaffed, how can your business optimize resources and improve the overall branch experience?
Get Simplicity at Scale with Software-Defined Branch

Experience the Aruba Advantage

Whether your business requires traditional on premise or cloud-based management supporting the latest innovations in network infrastructure, security, Acentrix can help you deliver the extraordinary experiences that your users crave.

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