Artificial Intelligence

Protect and Enhance your business with latest
AI and Deep Learning technology.

Intelligent Security System

AI and Deep Learning video analytics products add the “brains” (smarts) to the “eyes” (cameras) by analyzing the video content, extracting metadata, sending out real-time alerts and providing intelligence to all other security systems. The video analytics can be integrated in-camera, on-premise servers and on-cloud. Our Video Cloud software is an advanced solution that provides a comprehensive suite of event and video management solutions using cloud servers for uploading the event data from the camera and accessing that event data from a mobile phone.

Real-time Video Analytics

By analyzing video content in real-time, extracting metadata, sending out alerts and providing intelligence to other security systems. Video Analytics can be integrated in-camera, in servers on-premise, and/or on-cloud. They are able to extract only the valid motion in a scene, filtering out noise such as lighting changes and objects movements.
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