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What is 802.11AX? And Why Do You Need it?

As organizations outfit new buildings or upgrade existing Wi-Fi deployments, Aruba’s 802.11ax access points provide the performance and future proofing needed to deliver enhanced service for years to come. 

AI-powered IT Automation

Machine learning enhancements let customers automatically optimize network performance and deliver enhanced Wi-Fi service levels.

Future-Proof Design

New 802.11ax access points address emerging business needs, while leveraging AI enhancements to meet today's initiatives.

Security at the Mobile Edge

The addition of user-centric WPA3 authentication, and integration of AI security intelligence across the network, provides visibility and control.

Device Diversity

With an increasing number of mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) devices reliant on wireless access, networks must be capable of accommodating a diverse mixture of device types, applications and services.

Better Than Ever

802.11ax delivers significantly higher peak data rates than 802.11ac in 5GHz and 802.11n in 2.4GHz.

Experience the Aruba Advantage

Whether your business requires traditional on premise or cloud-based management supporting the latest innovations in network infrastructure, security, Acentrix can help you deliver the extraordinary experiences that your users crave.

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